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Our signature SlowFall Confetti is designed to provide maximum aerodynamics. Cut  to rotate as it slow falls, effects are spectacular: the confetti will float, stall, and under controlled conditions, will fly away on thermals like little gliders.  Packaged in ShotSleeves or sold loose in pound bags, our confetti is available in a number of bright tissue and mylar colors, or mixed.

We also have shapes: petals, hearts, circles, squares, triangles, butterflies, stars, moons, lips and much more. For those looking for artistic and decor options, we offer 1/4" MiniFetti.

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Need custom color mixes or a large quantity quote?

We make all of our confetti and streamers from fresh, bright papers. If you're looking for special color combinations, shapes or product mixes, just ask. As a factory, we are also able to offer discounts for large quantity purchases. Please contact us at the following phone number, or simply fill the contact sheet.

Toll Free: 800-461-7625

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