The Beginning of an Industry

1985 - Kabuki’s founders, Ty & Rolly, develop CO2 launchers and a streamer effect for ZZTop’s After Burner tour.

1986 - Dianna Ross uses the launchers on her world tour.

1990 - Ty & Rolly found Kabuki.

1991 - Kabuki debuts as the only confetti and streamer act on the tradeshow floors.

1992 - We develop our signature SlowFall Confetti. Rectangular confetti had been around in magic circles, used mainly for tricks in small settings. Then we cut a stunning micro-rectangle effect for a popular Las Vegas magic act. We were amazed at the aerodynamics, and instantly recalculated to keep the same longlasting, dymanic flutter in a size that stacked easily in our launchers: SlowFall Confetti -- The Slowest Falling Confetti in the World.

1992 to Now - Rectangular confetti has become the go-to confetti shape for sports, events, concerts, commercials and reality TV. The effect has been cartooned and digitized. While we coined “SlowFall,” others now copy it. Rather than get upset, we’re pleased we spawned an industry.

2017 - Kabuki merges with Times Square Confetti. Now we cut more products, in more colors with fast turnaround to meet your special event needs and custom orders. Click and buy the full line at www.timessquareconfetti.com.

To Be Continued...

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