2016OrangeBlossom Michael Anna Costa photo sqMake every event the one to remember.

Choose custom color combinations, die-cut shapes, or traditional multicolor flutter clouds 

Whether you're planning a small party, a big special event, or a stadium spectacular, Kabuki Confetti will captivate your crowd and create stunning visuals.

Choose Tissue or Metallic Slowfall rectangles, MiniFetti, petals, stars, circles, squares, moons and more to highlight your theme. Our tissue is 100% biodegradble, satin-finished paper that is fire resistant, very light and very bright, in 13 colors. Our shiny Metallic is fireproof Mylar, in 10 brilliant colors.

With all colors and materials in stock, we generally ship your order the next business day - and very often, the same day. 

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White Streamers over Times Square, for Glasshouse Balloons

Connect Your Crowd.

Pick traditional, fancy, shiny, matte, pure arc or laced with fetti - and all easy cleanup

Kabuki Streamers create an impact in any event. Use our confetti cannons to blast them high over sports fans, or fling streamers into the air with our HandThrow designs. Streamers explode in colorful arcs. Midair, they spread to cover a crowd. Both young and old reach reach to catch them, and post-event, you'll see your streamers carried home as souvenirs.

We cut your streamers in your custom color choices. We make them short, long, thin or layered, all to different visual effects, and all from the same beautiful tissue and metallic papers as our famous confetti. 

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Blue Man Group's Innovative use of Kabuki Handheld Launchers

Aim for the WOW.

Effects Pros, DJs, Prop Masters, Cheerleaders and Partiers: Find your launch systems here

Our famous Kabuki Launchers are light and easy to use. Pull the rip chord and a 900psi blast of CO2 propels streamers and confetti high in the air. Parade marchers, conference leaders, youth leaders, cheerleaders, dance committees, Mardi Gras krewes all reach for these. With just one launcher you'll trigger cheers; use a bunch of launchers to create a big blast.

For remote-control and synchronized launches, choose our pro-level RC-2 twin-barrel systems. For sports championships and large graduations, choose our continuous-flow blowers. 

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Kabuki stay-attached handthrow streamers Display True Creativity.

Dance competition, museum exhibit, stage prop, table decor, retail window display

Onstage, rain, snow, falling leaves, blood spurts and fairy dust all turn 3D via confetti. Special colors and cuts punctuate your dramatic moments and illustrate metaphors. Ask, and we will create original die-cut shapes, too, to fit your fine art projects, decor, museum exhibits, product displays and corporate mailings.

Need to leave the stage utterly clean? We make stay-attached effects for dance, choral and cheer competitions. 

Just tell us your vision. We're happy to brainstorm with you.

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Need Unique Cuts? 

We make all of our confetti and streamers from fresh, bright papers. If you're looking for special color combinations, shapes or product mixes, just ask


Large Quantity Quotes?

As a factory, we are able to offer tiered discounts for large quantity purchases. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.